KC SmartPort

  • Kansas City Industrial Sector Continues to Hit New Records

    by Mary Rooney | Nov 09, 2021
    The Kansas City industrial sector continues to reach new records for development, pushing overall market inventory past the 300-million-sq.-ft. milestone.
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  • ALPLA Announcement Makes International Headlines

    by Laura Patriquin | Nov 09, 2021
    ALPLA Inc. North America announced in late October 2021 its investment in a 246,000-square-foot, rail-served injection molding facility in Kansas City, Missouri, creating 75 new jobs. The news for the region made headlines in KC, nationally and internationally.
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  • Select Industry News | April 2016

    by Angela Kennedy | Nov 04, 2021
    Latest news on transportation, logistics, warehousing and distribution (KC SmartPort), bioscience (KC Animal Health Corridor), talent recruitment (TeamKC: Life + Talent) and technology.
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