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Investor Profile | GE Johnson

by Mary Rooney | Mar 08, 2022

Founded in 1967 by Gil E. Johnson, GE Johnson builds projects of all sizes – from less than $50,000 to more than $300 million. Its services are built on an understanding and ownership of each unique project. From industrial to healthcare, advanced technology to hospitality, mixed-use/office to sports and recreation, GE Johnson builds relationships and community through partnerships and dedication to its clients.

GE Johnson’s business units provide a family of companies with a depth of resources and expertise to successfully complete each client’s vision. More than a general contractor, the company keeps client satisfaction top-of-mind, handling both large, complex projects and small, community-focused efforts with the same amount of expertise and passion. Using advanced technology and ingenuity, the team collaborates with clients to plan the project – from the grand vision to the little details.

Above all else, safety is a top priority – GE Johnson works each day to send everyone home to their families and loved ones safe and healthy!

To learn more about GE Johnson, please contact Derek Cox or visit

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