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TeamKC Scouting Report | Make it Rain

by Jessica Palm | Apr 10, 2018
Make it rain ...
Royal Street Ventures and the Kauffman Foundation are helping twenty-somethings learn how to roll in the dough. The Kansas City University Venture Partnership exposes students to what it takes to hack it as an entrepreneur. 

When you need to feed your soul ...
You can now take a tour around the world from a table in the River Market. Tribe opened last month and its eclectic menu of international street food is on point. P.S. don't shy away from the cocktail list.

Oh so pretty ...
But seriously, this is a big deal. KC Design Week is April 12-20 and showcases just how the companies and people in our community are killing it when it comes to all things design.

Words of wisdom ...
"If the hiring manager is bad, like a fly on your meal, everything else was for absolutely nothing," - @thewarfortalent speaking at the ERE Recruiting Conference on the importance of ALL aspects of your employer brand. 

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