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Skilled KC Technical Institute | Workforce Highlight

by Mary Rooney | Jul 06, 2020

Skilled KC Technical Institute offers talent a robust curriculum that focuses on the skills that companies need. Through partnerships with local industry experts, Skilled KC offers training programs focused on careers in high demand, but short supply for companies in the Kansas City region. 

The programs are hyper-focused on existing opportunities in Kansas City and are accomplished in quick bursts. This helps provide workers with the skills, training and experience necessary to succeed in just five to six months with little to no debt.

Currently, Skilled KC offers hands-on training for jobs in the following industries:

  • ADVANCED MANUFACTURING: Technology drives a robust manufacturing industry in the Midwest. Companies are hiring for people with mechanical and electrical know-how, and experience operating tools and equipment. Get that experience at Skilled KC. Solve problems, hands on. Use cutting-edge technology to improve products and processes of manufacturing. Manufacturing, construction, transportation and warehousing are the top four industries hiring skilled workers in this trade.

  • BIOTECHNOLOGY: Study living systems and organisms, and how to make products from and for them. The biotech industry is booming, generating about $140 million in revenue in the United States within government and regulatory agencies, private companies and clinical laboratories. In the Kansas City area, more than 1,000 biotech jobs are available from companies in the pharmaceutical, agriculture, diagnostic testing and manufacturing industries.

  • SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: As companies grow, so does the need for experienced programmers. Develop software to help people work more efficiently. Working both individually and as part of a team, learn to create and modify computer applications, as well as analyze and design databases. 

In addition, Skilled KC training programs continue to grow and evolve, providing workers with the opportunity to continue  learning within an existing training pathway, or adding skills by learning a new pathway.

If you are an employer that is interested in working with Skilled KC, whether it is upskilling incumbent workers or finding new talent, contact Jeff Barratt, CEO at Skilled KC.

Learn more at SkilledKC.org.

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