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Investor Highlight | Beyond Warehousing

by Mary Rooney | Feb 10, 2020

Beyond Warehousing is a public warehouse at Logistics Park Kansas City in Edgerton, Kansas, less than one mile from the BNSF intermodal ramp. The company’s leadership team has over 35 years of combined experience at Amazon and over 60 years of industry experience in supply chain management with regional and national companies. As a subsidiary of NorthPoint Development, Beyond Warehousing combines warehousing and logistics expertise with the backing and reach of a national leader in real estate development. This combination enables unique scaling opportunities.

Jeff Havelka, CEO, says, “Beyond Warehousing takes pride in being different in a couple of ways. 1) We put people first. We avoid temporary labor, invest in training and growth, and incentivize high performance and continuous improvement. 2) We are a business partner. We listen to client needs and work on solving problems. One example of our customer-centricity: our transactional pricing model. Clients want to know what they are really going to pay, not just get a list of prices and wonder how things will shake out. We look at their business from their point of view so we can serve them better.”

Beyond Warehousing works with national and international manufacturers and retailers and emerging brands, providing a range of services:

  • E-COMMERCE FULFILLMENT: With their deep Amazon experience as a foundation, Beyond Warehousing sets an exceptionally high standard on accuracy and efficiency in their pack/pick and parcel processing.

  • KITTING & ASSEMBLY: Beyond Warehousing will preassemble product to store in our warehouse or package inventory for the next step in the supply chain. The team tackles recurring shipments as well as one-off projects.

  • LOGISTICS COORDINATION: Beyond Warehousing partners with international and local transportation providers to provide comprehensive transportation options that simplify the supply chain management process. The company can roll logistics into a “one invoice” solution, or refer customers to trusted partners.

  • TRANSLOADING AND CONSOLIDATION: Beyond Warehousing will deconsolidate import loads coming off the rail and store or load for forwarding. For exports, the building is perfectly situated as a consolidation point when customers need time or labor to pull together their next full shipment.

  • TECHNOLOGY AND DATA: Good process design is foundational for any successful technology deployment and the production of reliable data. To set this foundation and support accuracy and efficiency, Beyond Warehousing meticulously plans chain of custody during onboarding. The company is equipped to support EDI and their Web Access tool enables real-time inventory visibility and ordering at no additional cost.

  • WAREHOUSING NEAR THE RAIL: Beyond Warehousing offers short- and long-term storage in pallet and bulk locations, with inventory management, physical inventory counts, and shipping to the next destination. They are within the heavyweight corridor surrounding the BNSF facility which enables them to reduce landed freight costs for their clients.

Not sure if 3PL warehousing is right for you? Beyond Warehousing’s leadership team offers a two-hour complimentary consulting session (not a sales pitch) to any prospective client who wants it. Two hours to explore the relationship, hear another point of view, and decide if you see value in how they think and operate.

To learn more, visit beyondwarehousing.com or contact Brian Wulff, VP of Partnerships.

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